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The Power Notes toolbar looks like this:

Power Notes toolbar

Power Notes toolbar features

You can open the toolbar by clicking the program icon in the system tray. You can see the following buttons on it:

  • Desktop Notes Add New Note
  • Opens the "Add New Note" window. Every time you click this button, a separate window appears. You can create an unlimited number of notes.
  • Desktop Notes Add Quick Note
  • Creates a note in the quick mode.
  • Desktop Notes Add New Note With Clipboard Text
  • Creates a note with the text from the clipboard.
  • Desktop Notes Show Currently Scheduled Tasks
  • Displays the current notes according to their settings.
  • Desktop Notes Show All Notes
  • Displays all notes stored in the database independently of their settings.
  • Desktop Notes Hide All Visible Notes
  • Either hides ("Classical (Old)") or minimizes ("New") all notes on the desktop depending on the ` Notes Commands option.
  • Desktop Notes Notes Editor
  • Opens the note database where the information about all existing notes is stored (note number, note header, their type of displaying and their status).
  • Desktop Notes Options
  • Opens the "Options" window.
  • Desktop Notes About...
  • Opens the information about the program.
  • Desktop Notes Minimize To Tray
  • Minimizes the toolbar to system tray.
  • Desktop Notes Close
  • Closes the program.

    The scheduled tasks will not appear if the organizer is closed.
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